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Studio Monitor 1

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After some tweaks on existing monitors and Hi-Fi boxes I decided to design and build my own studio monitor from scratch. Starting with ideas and researching&testing chassis Ive simulated and design the cabinet itself. With no any real experience on wood working I start to learn myself how it might works, ordered some tools needed (wood trimmer, grinding machine etc), research what glue be the most right for different applications. I decided to use "Propellerleim" D3/B3 for construction itself and Titebond -3 for veneering task. "Propellerleim" is designed for constructions be under mechanical loads all life- so, thats a right choice IMO, Titebond-3 stay a little bit flefible and have longer open-tome, so, great choice here as well. Most "ugly" job was actually wood routing and cutting the holes cause I dont think about order a micro-dust filter fo my vacuum cleaner.....Anyway, job was done and glueing the cabinets was realy easy. I used VituixCAD2 to raw design the crossover - great free software as well.
After vennering with nice natural walnut veneer I used the woodstain to give more dark touch and finished with hard-oil. Looks very nice.
Very first measurments after job was done impressed me a lot cause result was better as I imagine. Right out of the box the monitors sound amazing and measurments are impressive as well. Ill let the monitors (tweeters mostly) some weeks to tweak crossovers a little bit, but for now the sound is really great...;-)
(c) Sebastian Kulik
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